Sustainable Jerseys by Nokian Neulomo

Nokian Neulomo is a leading manufacturer of sustainable high-quality jersey fabrics in the Nordics. We are committed to ethical production, transparency, sustainable fibers and adopting circular economy. Our innovation pipeline is built on wood-based sustainable jersey development. We are experts in developing jerseys from fibers such as Tencel, Modal, viscose, and Refibra™ by Lenzing. We are especially skilled at developing high-end jersey fabrics, Refibra™ by Lenzing being the basis for many of the new Nokian Neulomo products for 2018. We have full control over the complete production process from knitting to dyeing, printing, and finishing. This ensures supreme quality jerseys we can take pride in.

Nokian Neulomo sources fibers with low environmental impact. Our environmental focus is on waste reduction and proceeding towards zero waste production. The wood used by our main fiber supplier, Lenzing, comes from sustainable forestry plantations. All our processing chemicals meet Öko-Tex standards.

Our factory has a production history of almost a century and over 30 years experience of producing especially wood-based jersey fabrics and garments. We also produce jersey fabrics from organic cotton, cotton with different blends and compositions. The production facility was originally established in 1921 and was in captive use by the previous owner until the year 2016. Nokian Neulomo acquired this capacity in mid-2016 and we aim to serve all interested customers. In 2016 Nokian Neulomo launched in-house brand Neulomo. Neulomo is especially known for its high-quality jerseys and popular designs for women. Headquarters and production facility of the company are located in Nokia, Finland.

For further information please contact Päivi Pajunen | Head of R&D and Production |  Tel. +358 400759666 | paivi.pajunen(at)

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